About us

Stukwerkers has been active in the port of Ghent since 1338 and is considered to be one of the oldest stevedoring companies in Europe. Stukwerkers serves its customers from five different deep water locations in Ghent and as such offers a considerable advantage in the field of transport and distribution logistics.

In total, Stukwerkers has more than 500,000 square meters of open quay at its disposal and 100,000 square meters of storage space.

Stukwerkers was founded in 1338 in Ghent (BE) and is considered one of the oldest stevedoring companies in Europe. Being located deep into the mainland and in the heart of the port of Ghent, an all-round and medium-sized port located in ARA range, Stukwerkers offers a considerable advantage in terms of transportation and distribution logistics.

Stukwerkers customers are Carriers, Producing companies, Traders and Cargo-owners seeking for a competitive port with a good draught and an excellent entry/exit point to the European Union.

Stukwerkers’ major activities are storage, warehousing and handling of goods. It offers specialised terminals equipped for the distribution of steel, forest products, fertilizers, dry bulk products, automotive, general cargo and containers. In total, Stukwerkers group disposes over 500,000 square meter of open quay surface and 100,000 square meters of storage space.

Complementary to the main activities of cargo handling and storage, Stukwerkers offers all forwarding-, logistical- and customs formalities.

Stukwerkers Group Organization Chart

Stukwerkers' Strenghts

  • Independent and most diversified stevedore and terminal operator
  • Horizontal mangement structure
  • Documentation stream
  • Three model terminals
  • Willing to invest in partnership
  • Quality and pricing ahead of the competition
  • Close contacts with principals
  • Independent forwarding agent
  • Intermodal and environmental company policy
  • AEO-certified